Invimpex can help you in purchasing, logistics, market growth and generate and improve the business.

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About Us

INVIMPEX is founded in Spain in 2000 with the goal of developing, importing, exporting and producing in low-cost countries. After years of activity, development and positive evolution, INVIMPEX is today a well-selective company format of consultants with the ability to see different opportunities in the market.

INVIMPEX is basically a purely service/market development company that specializes in cutting-edge knowledge in purchasing, logistics, market growth and how to generate and improve the business through, among other things, production in low cost countries.

That in itself is not unique but, to implement it together with the company’s organization in the right order is our specialty.

Our philosophy: Learn from how the big companies work, adapt and condense that information so that it can be applied to small and medium size business.


Our Brands

The company’s business concept is to give customers an increased understanding of how to reduce costs with very simple means and in the short/long term be able to use established working models that guarantee a long-lasting efficiency and clarity. But it didn’t stop there. We want to implement and establish the changes!

We give our customers work tools and understanding which in symbiosis makes it possible to achieve increased efficiency and a desired cost reduction.

We first go through with our client what they want to change/improve. Then we set up a target image of When, Where and How we should proceed and during which time period it should take place.

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